Bringing practical and affordable AML/KYC Compliance and Due Diligence solutions to the art world


We founded our company with the goal to bring the art sector and the compliance sector closer together. Lacking any formal requirements in terms of AML/KYC procedures and best practices, we felt that the art sector needed all the support it can get. Our deep knowledge and a wealth of experience in these two areas convinced us that we can provide the practical, pragmatic and affordable advice and solutions needed to enable art professionals to continue doing business and be compliant with the 5th AML Directive.




Thierry has a strong expertise and in-depth understanding of Risk Management and AML/CTF Compliance. His strong background allows him to bring an added value in terms of Risk Management to UCITS Funds and AIFs.


In parallel, he specializes in the AML/CTF Compliance for Financial institutions, Funds, Insurance Companies, FSPs, Electronic Payment Institutions, Virtual Currencies Professionals, Lawyers, Accounting professionals, Real-Estate Agents, Freeport Operators, Office Centers as well as all other actors underlying the Luxembourg AML Law. 

He is also actively involved in raising awareness of risks faced by the art industry and provides practical guidance on establishing and implementing responsible practices to address those risks.




Claude's background is logistics and more specifically art logistics. Since 2014, he manages the largest licensed operator at Luxembourg's LE FREEPORT. Since 2015, he is also the company's Compliance Manager after Luxembourg extended the scope of AML/CFT law to its art logistics sector.

His wealth of experience at the intersection of art and compliance lead to founding Know Your Art together with Thierry. Our clients benefit from his first-hand experience in adopting and implementing AML/KYC procedures with partners from the art world as well as his extensive network.


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